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It is a guitar classroom Hayata Guitar School of Fuchu.


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MR.BIG of Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)

(Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy)

The guitar solo,

We will continue to commentary with a tab off.


In very popular songs between fast playing guitarist,

To become as play Daddy Brother I think Some people that goal.


To degree of difficulty is high, because the songs have much to learn, such as how to lateral movement of the scale,

I tried to pick up in the videos with lessons column.


People that explains this song, but I think a lot,

About the site where you Have put the exact score (score) Because I do not think, please by all Means try to reference.


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Daddy, Brother, Lover, and trying to capture the guitar solo of Little Boy

Guitar solo of Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy is,

This is a great guitar solo, such as the fast play of the sample.

By all means let's master.

Check the movement in videos

First of all, please try to see what the feeling of the guitar solo that's in the movie.

Since this time did not want to cheat on the nature of the commentary videos,

Dare we take is not shed the original song.

Although there are mistakes  also I would not know you play while passing the original song,

 this is is that my true ability (^ - ^;

So we will go into commentary.

Part of the playing start

Please see the tablature (tab) first.

daddy tab1

※The Click to enlarge 

Part of the triplets is who you play using the (hammering, pulling) legato,

It will feel close to the original song.

Here is no particular explanation but,

Please note rhythm so fast.

Fall-rise phrase of sixteenth note

daddy tab2-1
daddy tab2-1
daddy tab2-2
daddy tab2-2


To enter the phrase to fall, increasing the E minor scale in a 16-minute notes from here.

Technically, I think that it becomes point stretch phrase is difficult.

(In the commercial score and score on the net,

But it is often score that is written to the arpeggio style rather than a stretch,

If you look at the Paul Gilbert of instructional video,

You can check that is playing with stretch. )

First, the first beat of the first string 22f (f = fret) 19f, the portion of 17f,

It's going to lightly stretch, but please do not put a force.

After that we will continue to lower the string 2 string to 4 alternate picking.

Because picking is faster and I think it is difficult to match with the fingering.

Please repeating the practice to alternate picking at a slow speed.

2 phrase that moves the 3rd string next to a small milestone will come out.

It is a movement that very become study.

Please try to help his phrase-making in the reference.

Third measure of the first beat to 2 beat over the first string 19f, 15f, that 12f,

Super Stretch phrase comes out.

Here the point is to play in the classic form.

Please switch to classic form instantly.

(It is somewhat easier because the need not switching people of classic originally.)



Sequence phrase you use the joint

daddy tab3
daddy tab3

We played it mechanically over a regular phrase to 2 bars.


1 it is now also play two small milestone if Hajikere small milestone,

First of all, please remember repeatedly play the first measure.


The trick or hold the part of the joint to how smoothly I think.


Although it is the pattern after picking,

First of all, please try to play as you have specified in the score.

Perhaps this pattern for many of the people I think that it is a pattern that play comfortably.


Since there is a confusing part in the specifications of the music creation software,

We will explain in a sentence only that part.


1 1 string part of 19f of small milestone second beat.

Individual picking is up.


Please try to practice to read tablature firmly polite after.

Fast and play a similar phrase

daddy tab4
daddy tab4

Even to try to play every day as a fingering practice, it is a phrase that was felt to be quite interesting Na.

In particular, since the hard part is to technique speaking not,

Please practice faster play as earnestly and repeatedly.

Part of the drill

The last part we played in substitute tremolo picking.

Phrase is rising 3 Tsuru-jo, have been falling.

So simple it does not put score.

Please try to copy videos to reference.

Summary of Daddy Brother


Will did you think?


Immediately or I would have tried to copy?



Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy , the

Since the play in only the basic technique is recommended as an etude.


Knowledgeable people of the scale on the E minor scale,

Please try to study whether moving to any wind.


I think that it is quite become a study of how to use the scale.


But it may very be movement too many for beginners.


Just because it does not play, even if forever If you do not challenge,

I recommend is a way to practice it dropped to Toka quarter speed.


who metronome can use is not said to be 1 to 4 minutes, please try to practice it dropped to # 1 of 5 minutes.


It was believed that come the day that always so play someday.